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Secure Cloud Services

There are several types of cloud services we can offer
1: secure online backups and archiving
2: secure offline backups and archiving
3: secure file sharing for websites
4: secure file and folder sharing for collaboration between users

We all know the buzzwords “cloud” and “cloud computing” but do you know what they really mean?

Well in a nutshell it means using your software online to create or share documents and allow yourself or others to edit them from any location or device. Very handy if you are on the move or work in an office or a development group,

But what if this is not you?

What if you just want somewhere safe to keep a copy of the websites you design, the spreadsheets and accounts you spend hours getting ready, your family photos, a copy of your insurance policy or driving licence. What about those video clips of your kids on a day out, their first steps or a special birthday.

1: Be safe in the Cloud for £1.25p per month

Buy Now We have the answer with our dedicated website just for you to save those business documents and websites, special memories and irreplaceable photos and video clips from just 25p per month for a full Gigabyte of secure, safe and protected storage that you can access from anywhere at anytime (min 5Gb).

You can see details of what can be backed up, how this can be automated for you, the benefits of our free auto archiving system and more by following this link

You can visit our dedicated cloud backup site where you can read more information and get a FREE 30day Trial at

2: Sharing your files in the most secure way

Buy Now One of the most innovative ways our secure filesharing system works is by using "Drag'n'Drop" technology so you can literally drop a file into the software on your desktop and it automatically uploads the online service.

In addition to this is creates an archive of the previous version. To see any previous version just click on the file, view its history and select the version you want, you can even make an older version the current one in case there was an incorrect file uploaded.

You can see just how flexible and safe our filelocker sharing system is by following this link.