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Want To Have a Creative Yet Effective Domain Name? Here Are Some Tips

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Want To Have a Creative Yet Effective Domain Name? Here Are Some Tips

Your business website is more than just a laundry list of products and services you offer—it’s the online representation of your brand.

Looking to set up your very own website? Where do you start?

The first step is choosing a domain name.

This domain name will define your business and help attracting customers. We have a few tips to help you get started.

Easy To Type

Using a domain name that is easy to type will help you avoid so many confusing situations. Using slang or any other kind of unique spellings will make it difficult for customers to find your website. They will not remember the spelling, or they might get it wrong. This will affect the number of customers who contact you.

Keep It Concise

Keep your domain name short and simple. Longer names are likely to cause problems like misspelling.

Spell Out Your Purpose

When searching for the right kind of name, it can be a good idea to spell out exactly what your company does. The name of your business should reflect the kind of services you provide. In other words, your domain name should be obvious.

Use Keywords

If you are stuck because your company name is either registered or too expensive, keyword research is the way to go about it.

It will allow you to explore different kinds of options; you might just end up with a really unique name. There are certain websites that you can explore to determine popular words that are searched, in order to determine which one to use for your domain. This will also give your business the advantage of ranking well in search engines.

Easy To Pronounce

A domain name which is easy to pronounce will play an important role when it comes to sharing your domain name. It will become easier for you to share the name with people you know. A good way to test this would be to write it down on a piece of paper and ask a few people to pronounce it. If everyone is able to easily pronounce it, you have found the right name!

Think About Your Long Term Goals

Your domain name should not be narrow, that you have problems when trying to expand your business’s operations.

For instance, if you provide only carpet cleaning services for now but plan on expanding into window cleaning and other janitorial services, you can’t have a domain name along the lines of ‘Carpet Cleaners Inc’.

When choosing a domain name, think about what aspect of the business you could expand on.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to find the most suitable name for your business! Be sure to make it fun and creative so that it stands out! Register your domain name with 123connect. We provide you with web hosting services, and take a step towards the success of your business.