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Transfer Domain to 123connect

If you are currently working with a company and would like to move to 123connect then it is an easy process to transfer your domain name over to us. Your current company may make a small charge for this but follow the simple steps below and the changeover will be quick and painless.

1: Transferring a type domain name

You should ask your current host to change the IPStag to 123CONNECT (all capitals) and the domain should transfer to us within 24 hours.

We will update your nameservers when you are ready or you can ask the current host to do this while changing the tag. We will provide the correct nameserver details to make sure your transfer goes smoothly. There is no charge to transfer a or other .uk type domain

2: Transferring a .com/.net/.org type domain name

To change a .com/.net/.org type domain you will need to ask your current host to follow these steps, transferring this type domain takes around 3-5 days:

1: make sure you can get emails from the admin contact address or change to

2: unlock the domain for transfer

3: ask your host for the authorative password and send to us

there is a charge from the .com registrar of £15 to transfer com/net/org/info/biz type domains but this adds another year to the domain expiry date. We will invoice you for this fee accordingly