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Just escaped from the mess of the 'Easily' server upgrade. For a non-techie it could not have been simpler to set-up new domain, web hosting/ email. It is good to have reliable emails again. Thanks

David Carrott, Nethy Bridge

Thanks very much for your professional assistance this afternoon. Your have made the transition. I have been waiting for ages to accomplish utterly seamless and painless. Fantastic Customer Service in a world where such care and attention to detail are very rare commodities.

Chris Riley

We've just transferred our web site to 123connect from another host and everything went smoothly. Jeff and his team answered all my questions promptly and I'm very pleased with every aspect of the service they provide. Well done!


We are realy pleased with the service that 123 connect has given our company, since we have been with them we have seen a big increse in our web site enquires. Jeff is so easy to deal with and explanes everything

Paul Knight

We are total novices when it comes to website design and all it entails, but thank God we found Jeff, he has the patience of a saint, we had a very stressful beginning but with Jeff's help the web site is coming together lovely. 123 connect is the place to go for proffessional service and help, thanks Jeff, we really appreciate it, here's to our next phone call!!!! Ha Ha

J & S Mckeough

This is a big thank you for Jeff and his team. For many years now he has helped designed, construct & host our websites. His patient and friendly manner has made what is a complex area into one that always found solutions. Thanks.

Robert And Jennie

nothing in this world is perfect, but 123 must be so close you cant get a fag paper in the gap between! Brilliant Service just unbeatable.


123 Connect has hosted my website for many years, in a highly competent and efficient manner. Jeff has become a good friend to us, and is always ready, willing and able to help us whenever we need guidance. I can thoroughly recommend 123 Connect to anyone needing a reliable hosting service.

Tony Hart, As Seen On Bbc Tv,

You may not be the cheapest but you get a reliable service that is second to non from the begining and beyond. Both our main sites have been hosted by Jeffs team for a number of happy years now.

Amazinghealth.Co.Uk Team,

123 connect have been our host since 2001 and since the site has been set up I haven't needed to contact them once until now to renew the webisite and I am very impressed that it took just 2 seconds to answer my call and less than a minute to help with my query. Fantastic. A breath of fresh air in this day of computerised answerphones. Thank you!

Tracey Flett

I've been using 123connect to host various websites for 3? years now. Their helpfulness and patience is fantastic - I recommend them to everyone I know! Thanks to all of you for your fantastic customer service!


Just a quick note to say how great the service at 123Connect is. Helpful, understanding and patient!! ALWAYS there to help, no matter what time! Thanks for the continued great service from a very satisfied customer! Cheers


123CONNECT - Now that's what I a call "customer support". Thanks guys, nothing would be possible without you. Good luck with your new office

Will Brown,

Top class Service & Support. I have recommended to all of my clients and they are all using the service. :)

Consultant, Mani IT

Jeff - So glad we did not move our site to someone else.

David Shaw,

Truly invaluable for a startup business. Very helpful to get things going for you.

Mike Fleming,

The guys at 123connect are great! Very friendly, helpful, and accommodating. And make allowances for females in tears!!! Thanks guys!

Craft Magic Uk,

123 connect are a fantastic company.I would recomend them to all.They are always availabe when you need them and they are prompt.110% overall service. And the kit they use is website is always up!

Future Lectronics Uk, Futurelectronicsuk

Actually the score is 100+ but I can't put it in - If you want a reseller account - look no further. Superb service, help, advice and always with a cheerful response. Jeff and his team are a company apart - they look after their clients and their clients clients - unheard of in this business. I simply cannot praise them highly enough. Jeff and team - you are superstars.

Iceni It,

Jeff and his team are consistently helpful and great to deal with - event with us totally "non-technical" people - we wouldn't go anywhere else!

Hulse Rodger,