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MS Exchange Mailboxes

Emails are now mission-critical for many businesses today. They mean customers or orders to every business - be it a small start-up or a big corporate. The faster, the more dynamic and the easier the email system, the greater the business conversions.

The Benefits of Using Exchange Email

Managing a Microsoft Exchange server on-site can be very tough for any small or even medium businesses. It can be a costly expense due to high maintenance needs like security updates, dedicated servers, hacker threats, network maintenance and bandwidth requirements. These are the main benefits of hosted exchange with 123connect:

  • Instant deployment and low monthly costs
  • Advanced security with anti-spam, anti-virus protection
  • Professional support, dedicated high level architecture
  • Full backup and recovery capabilities
  • No software upgrades or repair of failed hardware required as our exchange servers are fully managed.

Why choose 123connect Exchange Email
  • Business-class email system with a minimal admin burden.
  • Regular upgrades, full server management and full customer support.
  • No security hiccups, no network issues, no infrastructure issues.
  • Robust bandwidth with expert maintenance.
  • Availability of anti-spam, anti-virus protection.
  • Daily backups, easy recovery, high reliability.
  • Ultra Fast performance at all times, even during peak times.

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