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Web Design (inc Mobile Sites)

What do you want your website to do?

An interesting question.. To start off with is your website an online brochure or a showcase for your skills, services or products and their quality. Will your site provide information about you and/or your business, will you sell online or just take orders. A lot to consider.

We can help you make these decisions, we will explain the choices to you and help you decide which way forward is the best one for you and your business at a price that fits perfectly into your budget and exactly matches your needs.

All options are mobile friendly and will work on phones and tablets just as good as on a PC. You can order directly from our site below or call us on 0333 1214 123 to discuss how we can help your site develop and grow. If you would like to see a selection of responsive web designs (mobile friendly) visit our site here:

Choosing the right web design option

Order Now Just £99Option1: Simple Sitebuilder:

£99.00 per year includes hosting and email
Not everyone is a gifted web designer with full knowledge of HTML, ASP and PHP coding so at 123connect we have come up with a selection of Build-It-Yourself sitebuilder systems that will help you build your perfect site regardless of your knowledge or skill level. It contains a huge amount of easy to use features including a flash builder and multiple templates. Try it for free with our fully working demo version using this login: Username: siteowner | Password: sitebuilder

Order Now Just £299 Option2: Personal/Business Mobile Friendly Starter Website:
£299.00 one off charge for creating the site, design and customisation
(plus £99.00 per year for hosting and email)
If you are just starting out and have a limited budget then a starter site with its fixed cost will be the perfect solution for you. As your business grows we can easily upgrade your website to match whatever additional features you may need. Starter websites are generally from 3-5 pages in size and can also show a limited number of products for sale with ecommerce via PayPal if preferred

Order Now Just £499Option3: Mobile Friendly CMS Website (Content Management System):
£499.00 one off charge for setup, licence and help to customise it for your site (plus £99.00 per year for hosting and email)
This is our top of the range sitebuilder, suitable for any size site it is ecommerce ready, has url rewriting with other seo functionality for search engine optimisation and everything a business needs to sell online. Page editing, customisable image uploading, create photo albums and more. Our simple to use admin allows you to create pages or edit existing ones from anywhere in the world at any time of day. We can provide you with a design or use an existing design if you are upgrading your current site at no additional charge. (We can also create a custom design to your specifications for a one off £99.00)

Order Now From £899 Option4: Custom Built Personalised for You Mobile Friendly Websites:
£price on application - one off charge for setup, licence and customise it for your site (plus £99 (premium hosting) or £299 (diamond hosting) per year including hosting and email)
We will produce a design based on your requirements, we will talk through what it is you are looking for, what pages do you need, what look and style do you prefer for the site and other relevent information. We will ask you for the images and text for your pages then we will build your perfect website for you with every feature you desire within an agreed timescale so you know exactly what we are doing and when we are doing it. And if the spec strays a little because you add a couple of new ideas we will often include them at no extra charge. Prices for a fully custom built site start at £899.00 depending on what is required. Give us a call now on 0333 1214 123 (local rate, free from mobiles with minutes)

What does "mobile friendly" mean?

When you have a normal site on your PC it looks fine, however view the same site on a phone and it looks very tiny. That is because the site is not 'mobile friendly', also known as "responsive"

With a mobile friendly site, like the ones we design, the site will detect that a smaller screen is being used, rearrange the images and text by resizing if needed to fit on the screen and make the user experience just as good as the PC. If you would like to see this in action just open our site ( on your phone and compare with the version on your PC. You will see that even though the site has re-arranged and resized everything it is still easy to use and easy to read. Thats is why we include this in your design at no extra charge so your web business can grow and be seen by anyone.. anywhere.. on any device..

What is a CMS System or Sitebuilder?

With your current site do you have to keep calling the website guy to update the site for you every time you have a price change, a new photo, a special offer or need to change the text on a page?

A Content Management System (CMS) will benefit you considerably. It means that you have access through a separate admin area that enables you to change the content on your pages, change the photos and change prices and just about everything else whenever you need to without having to rely on anyone else. This will save you time and money, no ongoing costs to update the site and it can be done, instantly, whenever you need to.

What if I do not have any web design skills?

That is not a problem, our online admin area is as easy to use as MSword, just change the text or upload a new photo, click save and it is live. Right there and then!

Our CMS and sitebuilder systems do not allow you to change the structure of the website which means you will not make a mistake and cause the website display wrong. You just get access to the parts that you need at whatever time of the day or night. Perfectly suited to the business user no matter what area your business is in. As long as you have an Internet connection you can be anywhere in the world updating your own website.

Quick, Affordable Web Development Solutions

Here at 123Connect, we offer a range of affordable website design services that can help grow your personal or corporate presence online. Our proven expertise in custom web design can create beautiful websites with your brands essence as the guiding light.

Our design team offers responsive web design, and mobile sites, along with a range of ecommerce website creation solutions that offer usability and scalability. Our websites have the power to grow as your business does, so you won’t have to get new website designed as it gets more traffic. Learn more about our self-build websites today.

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