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Domain Names

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We have a flat rate for domain name registrations to make things nice and easy for you or any other .uk type domain
£18.00 for two years

.com or .net/.org/.info/.biz type domain
£16.00 per year (min 2 years)

Choosing your domain name can be a tricky process. There has been advice in the past that you should try and choose a name that reflects your business and where you are for example this was all to help with your search engine ranking, however, these days that is not quite so important.

The priority should be that it is obvious that it is related to your business, it should be easy to remember so that prospective customers don’t have to look it up all the time and for a business in the UK we would recommend you use a domain name but think about purchasing the .com as well to ensure a competitor does not register it. You can always link (alias) the .com domain to show the website if you prefer.

Choosing the right domain name

The key points to remember when choosing a domain name are:

  • Does it relate to your business or business name? (not required but useful)
  • Is it easy to remember? (odd spellings and hard words may confuse visitors)
  • Is it short and snappy? (does it flow easily when spoken over the phone)
  • Does it include unnecessary punctuation such as lots of ‘-’ (dashes) ?

for example, would you click this domain name..

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Let us ensure that the world finds you online. Your domain name is your address on the web, and we can help you select and register one right now. Whether you are looking for a simple domain ending like .uk or something more pertinent to your marketing needs like .biz, we can register your domain. Let’s get started right now.

We can help you register a new domain name or transfer your existing domain to 123connect, if you would like to talk to us about your name just call 0333 1214 123.