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Meet Our Team

123connect was started in 1999 with the idea of a web hosting company that had the best interests of their customers at the heart of the business. It was decided to make sure customers were treated in a friendly manner, talked to in a way they understood and to make the whole hosting experience something they would enjoy.

From that simple start the same customer based focus has grown along with the customers themselves, many of which have been with 123connect from the early years right up to the present date. “Good, Old Fashioned Customer Service” has never been used so precisely to describe a philosophy and a company like it does with 123connect.

Amazingly there is a small but dedicated management team running it all, and with a fixed amount of staff that deal with customers on the phone the build up of the relationship is extraordinarily fast, giving the idea you are ringing a friend rather than a call centre. So lets show you who manages what at 123connect...

Jeff | Operations

One of the founders of 123connect, he is the one that brings it all together and makes sure everyone knows the importance of good customer service. Anyone who has spoken to Jeff will know about his odd sense of humour and that he will do all he can to help a customer with a problem. Available from 8am to midnight at a local rate call near you.

Mark | Accounts

The hidden man, he takes care of making sure we can pay our bills and that we get our invoices paid to us in a timely manner. He will not hesitate to suspend a site for non payment without good reason.

Paul | Support

Got a problem, just email Paul and like magic he will make them all disappear. He manages our support ticketer every day of the year with his own happy style. And if that was not enough he also makes sure the servers are safe and secure, working correctly and up to date all the time.

Kim | Admin

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork - without Kim we would be snowed under with it and nothing would ever be sent out. So next time you get an invoice or a statement think of her and make her smile with a payment

Sammy | Debt Collection

Sounds all sweet and cute on the phone but when she rings it means you are on Mark’s hit list for late payers. Our advice is get your card out as you are on your last chance