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Wordpress used to be known as "blogging software" but in recent years it has advanced in leaps and bounds to become a very versatile addition to our servers and to our design team.

Although it still is used for blogs it can also be used for just about anything including e-commerce and professional looking business sites, and with its built in cms system and simple to use editing facilities it is often a choice made by many new businesses.

Is wordpress for you?

Wordpress is very easy to understand, it has a big following so there are lots of add-ons to customise it to work and look just as you want it to, so lets have a quick Q&A session, if you agree with three or more statements then this is the one for you.

1: I want a content management system that is easy to use
2: I want something that looks good and has a lot of design choices
3: I want something that will grow with my business without huge costs
4: I want something that is easy to customise with new features and security
5: I want something that fits into my small budget

If you said 'yes' (or nodded your head) more than three times then you need wordpress

So how different can it look..

Here are a couple of wordpress sites for you to see, they are made in wordpress but can be made to appear quite different

Well this one is cheating a little as it's our own demo site to show ecommerce features but take a look at the style used as this is what we want you to see

2:we can also do animated themes like this one or this one

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Hosting Type
Wordpress works best on Linux servers but for some tasks a Windows server is more suitable.

Hosting Level
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Web Based Mail
Manage your email on the go from any browser anywhere in the world. Free with Premium and Diamond level hosting
Anti Spam Plus
Our anti spam filter (includes antivirus) is placed on the server and protects ALL your mailboxes. You do not need to download any software as we install it server side to protect you.
Graphical Statistics
These will show visitor details, what pages were looked at and more information about your site and visitors
We can install, create and design your WordPress site for you including a customised theme if desired to make it fit your business perfectly.
Price: £57.80 ex vat