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Hosting Information (Diamond Hosting)

We have many websites hosted that often need a little more than the standard offering, although we can provide anything needed for a small additional cost we have looked closely at what our business customers are adding and created a special package that includes all the best bits and manages to reduce the overall cost too.

In addition to all the extra benefits your site will be hosted on one of our Dedicated Low Contention servers (fewer sites on there which means better performance) and a 5Gb secure 'cloud' backup system for your office or multiple remote pc's complete with free software and an SSL certificate to give your site that trusted 'padlock' to reassure your customers.

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Finally we will give you a full online SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) video based step by step training course to make sure you know the best ways to get your site to the top of the search engines. And best of all, the free extras are yours at no charge as long as you host with us including your domain name.

Windows or Linux Diamond Hosting

Our Diamond Hosting is yours for just £299 per year plus vat, here is what you get with our new Diamond Hosting Package:

• FREE Standard SSL Certificate - padlocked security for your site
• FREE 5Gb Secure Cloud Backup - single pc or network based
• FREE Domain Name - .CO.UK or .UK
• FREE Password Protected Folders
• FREE Low Contention Web Hosting
• FREE Web Based Email available
• Multiple 400Mb Mailboxes (site space limit applies)
• Unlimited email aliasing
• Unlimited private FTP access 24/7
• Temporary URL - preview before transfer
• Online File Manager/Editor
• Plesk Control Panel
• Unlimited auto responders
• Online Help System
• Unlimited Sub Domains
• Multiple/Individual FTP users
• Custom FTP Site Creation
• Unlimited Domain Aliasing
• Unlimited bandwidth per month
• 10,000Mb fast webspace

Linux Specific Extras Included
• Formmail Installed
• PHPmail Installed
• PHP support
• MySql Database Support
• Fully working private CGI-BIN
• PHP SafeMode Available

Windows Specific Extras Included
• ASPjpeg installed
• CDOsys Installed
• Access Database Support
• Unlimited ODBC Connectivity
• ASP.NET support
• ASPupload installed

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