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Order Custom web design

Our ultimate solution, a totally custom built site just for you from scratch. We will discuss your needs and requirements and product a specification for you to approve, once agreed we will create your dream site for you with every feature you desire. And if the spec strays a little because you add a couple of new ideas we will often include them at no extra charge.

Please fill in the design form below, we will process what you ask for then contact you to talk it through to ensure we have all the information to create your dream site. You are welcome to call or email at any time during the design process.

Here are two important links:
1: terms and conditions for web design
2: web design order form (optional)

Working out the spec of a site takes time, we will talk to you about what you want to achieve. We ask for a deposit from you and after we talk if you do not wish to proceed we will refund it in full.
With a custom built site we would not be able to cost it without a full discussion with you. To do that we need a little information about the look and feel you want, the colours you like etc
Sometimes you may have a particular style in mind, if there are site(s) styles you like please enter the web addresses here. We will NOT copy any other site but this does give us some useful insights
This would be where you prefer to have your site navigation menu, commonly this is at the top but you can make your own choice using the dropdown list
photo or product gallery
A "lightbox" photo or product gallery is free with our CMS site , if you are ordering our 'five page starter site' then there may be a small additional charge depending on the number of photos shown

ecommerce required
Do you require an ecommerce option to sell your products online, we can link this to PayPal for you at no additional cost

If you intend to sell online we will ask a few questions but sometimes its easier for you to give the information in a few paragraphs
Please agree to our web design terms and conditions. You can see them by following this link
Price: £0.00 ex vat