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Would you like to see what our customer think of us then take a look below at the original and unedited comments. They are exactly as we received them.. nothing changed or altered, not even the spelling mistakes. If you would like to leave your comments on how we have done (good or not so good) please use the link above.

Jeff, you are a true professional, providing a first-rate service and excellent support. We are so impressed with the newly designed site and shop cart, that we will be transferring the hosting of our website to 123CONNECT, and will be asking you to provide other related services. Thank you Jeff


Utterly brilliant! From start to finish they have been helpful all the way. They are open from early in the morning until late at night, so whenever I needed some advice regarding my website, there was always someone on hand to speak to. Would thorougly recommend. Thank you 123connect!

Just Typing,

With regards to service I feel compelled to say that I am continually surprised by the speed and helpful nature of the staff at 123Connect.

Micky Boy,

Fantastic! Jeff is a superstar and nothing is too much trouble! (Although his jokes sometimes leave something to be desired!) We love our new web site and thankfully so do our customers. We only stumbled on 123connect by chance having had a complete nightmare with the previous company we dealt with. We certainly wont be moving again!

Morpheus Designs,

Imagine a car mechanic working on your car. The car is virtually a write off - it's not good news. But this mechanic is the cleverest, fastest, dynamic sonofabitch you've ever seen! It's 4am in the morning and the Country is fast asleep. This mechanic has not only fixed your car but he's now valeting and polishing your car and delivering it to your doorstep for when you wake up. Not only do you think you are still dreaming when you open your front door and see your sparkling dazzling car but this guy looks and feels better than you or I do on only 2 hours sleep a night! Now imagine this car mechanic is a web genius called Jeff. Too good to be true? Yep, this guy is for real. Do yourself a favour. Get yourself sorted with Jeff at 123 Connect NOW! Don't waste your time any more reading through these testimonials and wondering whether 123 Connect are really the right people for you. Jeff could be working on your website needs right now while you're dithering and pondering. It really doesn't get much better than this. Are you still here reading this? Go!....yes You!


Yorkshire Brides has had a web presence for 5 years. One of my main objectives for our web site was to provide a facility for potential show visitors to purchase show tickets on the website via a secure server. At the beginning of this year we started to redesign and update our website whilst also looking into secure server facilities. We found 123Connect and signed up almost immediately. The staff have been extremely helpful, polite and prompt to reply to our many queries! The service is cost effective and very simple to use. Since the 123 page has been added to our site we have been delighted with the number of ticket purchases already made in the very early days of our ticket sales - we are looking forward to many more sales over the next few weeks

Yorkshire Brides,

Can fifty words sum up how good 123 - NO it cannot. I have been with 123 now for 6 months, and still they are ( to coin a phrase ) ON THE BALL. It was purely by chance that i stumbled upon them,it was the best TRIP i ever made. Keep up the excellent work.

Jb Discos,

I would certainly give 123 connect 10/10 for the service they provide as I am very impressed with the help they have given me on getting my websites hosted and answering any web queries I have had. I will certainly keep on using them for my future website hosting and definitely recommend them


Speedy, civil, knowledgeable, on the ball, polite, high-quality service, I am, sure that there are 50 words of this type, but I am sure you get my drift. The service I have received is tremendous. It is good to know in this e-world that there is such companies around

Dove Training,

Geoff. If you were a woman I'd marry you !! Exemplary service and extremely rapid response. 123Connect is probably the best value for money around.Thanks for all you help.

Village Kids,

Maximum bandwidth and 100Mb backbones are all well and good, but without prompt service and product support, it means absolutely nothing!!! Geoff and his company have MASTERED the art of 1st rate client & service support. WELL DONE Geoff!

360 Liquid Visions,

Excellent service these days is really hard to find. Jeff at 123connect cares, and it really shows

Max Card Protect,

Thank you so much for all your help and kindness, you've been fantastic! You have provided me with so much confidence and security, I feel like I can email you if I ever need help once I've bought the Instant shopping cart. Your customer care is impeccable, I thank you :o)

Angel Gift Store,

I would like to thank Jeff for his OUTSTANDING customer support, far beyond that expected or even dreamed of..Having signed up at 23:59 the night before, I checked my Email at 06:00 the following morning. 123 had set up the account at 00:21. On one occasion I telephoned them around 07:45 and a polite young lady answered the phone within 3 rings. Jeff phoned me back within 6 minutes. When you are "new" to anything, even the simplest things pose seemingly insurmountable problems and when you need help you need it NOW, Jeff cheerfully does this, nothing is too much bother, always happy to help.


Extremely impressive, rapid, friendly and courteous service. I've never before received such helpful and relevant advice from any other company that I've dealt with. I would recommend 123Connect extremely highly and with no hesitation whatsoever

Uk Bears,

I am completely satisfied with the excellent service and fast response to any problems I report with the package I purchased.

Command Post,

We sent Jeff a manuscript and 6 hours later its on the net for us to look at and play with. We would email various changes that we would like on the site, usually late in the evening, assuming the site would be updated the next day at the earliest. Not with this guy! he would make the changes and email me often with an hour, suggesting that we look at the site to approve the changes


Customer service is incredible. Questions and queries receive an almost immediate response (whatever the time of night!) and the largest problems are always made to seem so small by Jeff. He is always willing to help. I would have given up on our web site long ago without Jeff's jovial guidance!


every time we have requested something it has been done very quickly and Jeff has been very helpful in solving any problems we've had.


In short, top class. It's not often you receive any customer service these days (without paying through the nose that is). In particular I was impressed with the effort and speed of which Jeff got our site transferred and fully functioning, there was even a few occasions we had replies from Jeff regarding our quires past 12 midnight. (you don't normally see that these days).On top of that Jeff and 123connect fixed all our problems and had us up and running in only a few days, where our last service provider still had done nothing to help 6 weeks later and after us losing thousands of pounds. All credit to you Jeff, you are a good ambassador to your company and a big thanks you for everything