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21.1 This section of the terms and conditions applies to website hosting services. You should read this section in conjunction with the main part of the terms and conditions.

21.2 You bear sole legal and other responsibility for all Content. We do not, and are not obliged to, check Content (without prejudice to our rights to remove and take other steps in relation to Content).

21.3 You must observe the bandwidth, disk usage and other limitations specified when you ordered the Services including in relation to databases, emails and websites. It is your responsibility to monitor bandwidth. If you believe your website may be susceptible to high or otherwise abnormal usage you must contact us in advance to discuss the suitability of your hosting environment. You promise that bandwidth usage will be reasonably consistent throughout every month, without irregular bandwidth usage patterns, either individually or as part of a group of servers. If you breach this clause, we reserve the right to require payment of excess charges at our then current rates and/or to limit bandwidth usage and/or to suspend and/or terminate some or all of the Services immediately without notice.

21.4 We reserve the right to alter the hosting environment your site runs in to one with broadly like-for-like features, as long as reasonable notice is given and we take reasonable steps to minimise disruption to the Services.

21.5 You obtain no rights over any IP addresses allocated to our servers or otherwise arising in connection with our hosting services. We retain ownership and control of such IP addresses.


22.1 For the avoidance of doubt, we retain all Intellectual Property Rights in connection with sitebuilder websites which we make available in connection with sitebuilder services. Subject to payment of the applicable fees, we grant you a worldwide, non-exclusive licence to use such websites during the period of this agreement.


23.1 This section of the terms and conditions applies to ecommerce (i.e. shopping cart) services. You should read this section in conjunction with the main part of the terms and conditions.

23.2 You promise to resolve any customer order fulfillment complaints in a reasonable and timely manner such that we or our upstream provider do not receive a significant number of complaints against you.

23.3 You promise to provide your customers with reasonable access to contact information on your website including your name, address and email address so that they can contact you if they need to.

23.4 We reserve the right without liability to suspend or terminate ecommerce services at any time if so required by our upstream provider. You acknowledge that our upstream provider has the right to monitor your use of the service and to disclose information relating to the ecommerce services in order to comply with law or protect itself or third parties.


24.1 This section of the terms and conditions applies to domain name services including registration, hosting on our DNS, administration, transfers and renewals of domain names. You should read this section in conjunction with the main part of the terms and conditions.

24.2 You agree that you will be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions (from time to time in force) relating to the registration / use of domain names published by the relevant Naming Authority (including any applicable domain dispute resolution policies of that authority).

24.3 The extent of our registration services is: to use our reasonable endeavours to transmit your order for registration of new domain names to the relevant Naming Authority and notify you of the outcome within a reasonable period after communication from the authority. We can give no guarantee of success.

24.4 We may in our discretion cancel, take ownership, dispose of and /or refuse to register, release or renew any domain name:

24.4.1 if so required by our upstream provider;

24.4.2 in the event of Exceptional Circumstances concerning that domain name;

24.4.3 if any fees are overdue whether relating to the domain name or otherwise;

24.4.4 if we are required to do so by Regulation or competent authority; or

24.4.5 if it is otherwise permitted under these terms and conditions.

24.5 No refunds shall be given once domain names are ordered by you unless otherwise specified in this agreement.

24.6 The registration and renewal fees specified in our price list are subject to any variations in the charge made to us by the registry for the particular domain name (known as the "NIC fee").

24.7 You acknowledge that domain names are subject to deletion after the expiration date. You are ultimately responsible for diarising the expiration date and requesting us to renew the domain name and paying renewal charges in good time before the expiration date. We do not guarantee to notify you of any renewal date. Please note that we will not renew domain names if you have not paid for the renewal before the expiration date. You acknowledge that domain names will not necessarily be available for redemption after the expiration date. You are liable for paying any additional redemption fees which do apply.

24.8 Our renewal services do not apply to (and you are solely responsible for renewing) any domain name if the Services to which the domain name relates have been terminated for any reason.

24.9 If domain names are transferred to or from us, a fee may be payable as specified on our website.

24.10 You must carefully check our notification of registrations and renewals of domain names and inform us immediately if anything is incorrect. You must not take any action in reliance on ownership of the domain name until our notification.

24.11 We are not liable for the actions or omissions of any Naming Authorities.

24.12 Nominet Compliance: As members of Nominet we want to ensure that our customers are treated fairly at all times, to this end we have the following as part of our general terms and conditions. In addition you should refer to the Nominet Terms & Conditions before purchasing your .uk type of domain name

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